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Why use Timedojo?

Are you watching tons of videos on how to overcome procrastination? Timedojo gives you the right push to get started on your daily tasks list. We use the proven Pomodoro technique to improve focus at work & time management.

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Undivided Pomo-Focus
10x better time management by blocking distracting sites
Art of Prioritisation
Organise tasks with lists, labels and filters
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Challenge yourself and win awards by taking part in our monthly and weekly challenges!
Empowered to Customise
Freedom to decide Pomo goals with customisable clock
Create Tasks, Track Time & Improve
Are your deadlines overwhelming you? Timedojo gives you the right push to get started on your daily tasks list for the day. We use the proven Pomodoro technique to improve work quality & time management.
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Not motivated enough to tick off your to-dos despite looming deadlines
Little distractions that break your focus while working
Work-life balance seems to be a far away dream
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We operate using the Pomodoro technique timer, an ancient methodology developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. Pomodoro technique has a 25-5 rule wherein you focus for 25 minutes, followed by a 5-minute break.

Now, time is on your side!

How to Manage
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Procrastination persists to be a challenge for most people, especially in a remote work setup. Timedojo is here to redefine your productivity game!
Simple Steps to a Pomodoro Lifestyle!

Break your work into multiple micro-tasks


Estimate number of 25- minute intervals (Pomodoros) for each task


Small tasks can be coupled in one Pomodoro


After every Pomodoro, reward yourself with a 5-minute break


Treat yourself to an extended break after completing a cycle of 4 Pomodoros.

Come Join our Tribe of Achievers!
Content Writer
I usually do up to 10 Pomos a day! Estimating tasks in Pomodoros has helped me to not exaggerate my to-do's, saving me from disappointment at the end of the day.
Freelance Developer
I love how I get focus timer analytics on the platform. Now, I know what time of the day I am the most productive, and I can plan my day accordingly.
Graphics Designer
Timedojo helps me organise my admin tasks into labels and filters. This is super helpful in giving me visibility for the rest of the day!
Brand Manager
Sites that distract me from my deadline can now be blocked during my focus sessions. This platform is truly the best online pomodoro timer!
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the Pomodoro technique?
The Pomodoro technique is a focus booster where all you have to do is divide your tasks for the day into Pomodoros, which are essentially 25 minute time intervals, and work on the assigned task till the timer rings.
2. How many breaks can I take?
You can take a short break of 5 minutes after every 25-minute Pomodoro and a more extended break after every 3 Pomodoro. At Timedojo, we give you the freedom to customise the pomodoro duration to make the most out of your focus time.
3. How many Pomodoros can you do in a day?
Each pomodoro timer lasts for 25 minutes by default. However, Timedojo offers you the benefit of customising the session duration. Go to ‘Settings’, click on Clock and successfully set a time as per your pace and comfort.
4. Can we change the Pomodoro timer limit?
Yes, Timedojo allows you to change the timer from the default 25 minutes to optimise your focus time. Head over to the Settings option now!
5. Is Pomodoro technique effective?
The Pomodoro technique helps you channelise your focus to complete challenging and high-priority tasks. Timedojo helps you maximise effectiveness by blocking all distracting sites during a pomodoro session.